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DrummEAR is Tekniks first DVD release dedicated to drum loops and hits for Logic's powerful EXS24 Sampler.

EAR aka Eirik-A Rydningen is a session drummer from Oslo who has worked on numerous TV shows and played with numerous artists around the world. EAR recorded the samples in various studios throughout Norway using the very best mics, outboard equipment and desks for quality sonic delivery.

An old Gretsch kit with old thin Zildjian cymbals. The drumheads also old and worn 'perfect' for that old, cool,dirty sound. Sizes: 22"x14" Bassdrum,14"x5" Snaredrum, 10"x8", 12"x8" toms and 16"x14" Flor-tom.

Beefy Ballad Kit:
A Yamaha Custom Drums Birch kit recorded in a small booth through a SSL 9000 console. Quite compressed and tuned down for that beefy sound. Sizes were: 22"x16" Bassdrum, 14"x5" Ludwig Acrolite Snare, 12"x8", 14"x12" and 16"x14" toms. Zildjian K Custom 22" Ride Zildjian A 17" crash, K Custom 17" crash and Zildjian 18" A Custom crash. 15" Zildjian Heavy Marching Cymbals Hi-hats. Remo coated Ambassadors drumheads on all drums.

Big Ambient Kit:
Like the Beefy Ballad Kid except for the Bassdrum was recorded shortly after in the studios big room and featured a 24" Premier Genista Bassdrum.

The Retro Ambient Kit:
An old Ludwig one with 26" Bassdrum, 14",16" and 18" toms. Snaredrum was 14"x6.5". Transparent Ambassador heads on toms and bassdrum. Recorded in an empty public theatre. The idea was to get a big old sound, so we used a huge PA-system which the drums was fed rather loud into. The sound of the Ambient 1 and 2 mics are mostly from PA-system. 'Ambient 1' was placed ca. 6 metres away from the kit and 'Ambient 2' ca. 15 metres - at the back of the room. The physical distance between the kit an the Ambient -mices was long, too long. So the delay caused by the long distance were compensated for in editing. All samples went through a serious treat of compression to get the most out of them.

Power Drum Kit:
This kit was recorded in the newly restored attic at Gjøkeredet Studio. The goal was to make samples that we could use in rock/pop rock that had attitude. So the drums were recorded with the best preamps, mics and outboards that we could come up with. The drums were also played quite hard which is important for rockier music. We Recorded Custom toms with brand new, shiny REMO Pinstripe heads. This combination is legendary and has been used on thousands of records from the early eighties up until today.

As well as these 5 multisampled kits, Tekniks included a huge amount of grooves to get you started. Just match the MIDI file with the correct Sampler Instrument and you can perfectly sync the loops with your track.

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