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Many companies sell sounds. VIProducer sells exclusive access to the creative processes, techniques and minds of music’s biggest producers. (… and their sounds).
For much of recorded music’s rich history, the hit-making magic created by the world’s best producers remained, on the tactical level, somewhat of a mystery. One would have to imagine that those lucky enough to breathe the rarified air inside Abbey Road while the Beatles recorded any of their hits were provided with an experience that transcends education for an aspiring producer. It’s the stuff “they don’t teach you up in college.”
If you had the chance to spend a day working in the studio with a hugely successful producer, what questions would you ask? What would you want them to show you, teach you, demonstrate for you? What would you really like to take away from a session like that?  Once they had answered all your questions wouldn’t it be really great if they gave you the session files and a plugin filled with their favourite sounds? Well now with VIProducer they can.


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With unprecedented access to the best producers in music, we offer you the chance to learn from the producers and artists who create the songs you hear on the radio every day. And we’re going in deep, bringing you full song production breakdowns, session stems, studio tips, tricks and techniques, demonstrations, creative solutions, quizzes, and more. VIProducer’s accompanying plugins and videos offer the kind of inspiration and education you need to elevate your production skills and maximize your creative potential. Straight from the source.

And be sure to stay tuned and participate in the contests we create around each of our releases. The lucky winners will be spending part of a day in the studio with the producer featured in that specific release, where they can ask them their own questions face to face, shadow a real session in progress, or work on something together. Yes, you read that correctly. We have many killer ideas and surprises in store, so stay connected to VIProducer via Facebook, Twitter, or our website  for upcoming contests, updates and details.