StoneBridge “Hold On” Production Course
StoneBridge “Hold On” Production Course

StoneBridge “Hold On” Production Course


StoneBridge: Inside “Hold On”

In this course StoneBridge will guide you through multiple lessons as he explains his creative process for writing and producing hit songs. Using his single “Hold On,” actual stem session tracks, you’ll get an inside look at StoneBridge’s production methods, tricks and secrets.

What’s Covered In This Course:

Follow along with Stone as he unveils his techniques and secrets on:

  • Kicks – Making sure they are in tune and getting them to compete in the club
  • Bass – How to properly side-chain
  • Keys – How to add that much needed touch to make your keyboards sit above the rest in the club
  • Filtering & Cutting Frequencies – How to filter and cut frequencies properly so your instruments stay out of the way of each other
  • Master Buss – How to get the most out of your master bus but not losing your dynamics
  • Mixing As You Go – Why mixing as you go can save you a lot of time and help you to achieve a louder track upon completion.
  • Happy Mistakes – How to keep the creative process fresh by creating “Happy Mistakes”

So Hold On because your tracks might just be shaking a little more than your mom’s booty after these lessons!

Video Walkthroughs:

  • 1. Kicks

    Follow along with StoneBridge as he revels his techniques for filtering and shaping kicks for modern EDM & House music.
  • 2. Bass

    StoneBridge shows you his different techniques for side chaining basses.
  • 3. Keys & Brass

    Learn Stone’s “Smash Buss” technique to get that brick wall limiter feeling without loosing dynamics.
  • 4. Filtering & Cutting Frequencies

    Explore Stone’s tips and tricks on filtering and getting your instruments out of the way of each other.
  • 5. Mixing As You Go

    StoneBridge is a fan of mixing as you go and In this lesson he shows you the techniques he uses to do that.
  • 6. Happy Mistakes

    Learn how StoneBridge uses “Happy Mistakes” for inspiration and new ideas.
  • 7. Quantizing

    Give your productions that instant Club Vibe using the right quantize.
  • 8. Automation

    Watch StoneBridge use automation to DeEss vocals, add impact to risers, and give productions that extra edge.
  • 9. Saving Projects

    A look at how to properly save your projects for remixers, archiving, and future inspiration on other projects.