Simon Gogerly – Mixing Course
Simon Gogerly – Mixing Course

Simon Gogerly – Mixing Course


Simon Gogerly is one of the UK’s leading mix engineers. He’s worked with several of the world’s top selling recording artists including Gwen Stefani, Paloma Faith and Underworld. In 2006, he was awarded a Grammy for his work on the U2 album “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”.

VIProducer and Simon have worked hard to capture 30 years worth of experience in easy to follow video tutorials.

Watch as Simon explains his approach to mixing using the singles “Chasing Your Love” by Ethan Ash and “Fall From Grace” by F.O.X. You’ll get an inside look at Simon’s methods, tricks, and secrets.

Mixing With A Grammy Award Winner

What’s Covered In This Course:

Simon will break down his Mixing process and show you how to:

  • Mix Drums
  • Process Lead Vocals
  • Process BV’s
  • Group Channels
  • Find the right balance
  • Setup Aux FX
  • Use FX processing creatively
  • Automate tracks
  • Create Stems

Video Walkthroughs:

Ethan Ash “Chasing Your Love”

  • 1. Drums

    Follow Simon as he cleans up the drum and uses reductive eq to help the parts sit in the mix.
  • 3. Grouping

    Understand the power of grouping tracks together.
  • 4. Balance

    Simon discusses the art of balancing levels and gain staging.
  • 6. Creative FX

    Simon is a fan of manipulating sounds. Watch as he explains his use of FX to create
  • 7. Automation

    Simon explains his reasoning for automating lead vocals.
  • 8. StemsSimon finishes the mix process by talking about stems and the various mix files he creates.

F.O.X “Fall From Grace”

  • 1. Drums

    Simon shows how to work with sampled and programmed drums .
  • 2. Lead Vocals

    Simon demonstrates using different FX on a single lead vocal part.
  • 3. BV’s

    Simon shows how he mixes BV’s to ensure they don’t get lost in the mix.
  • 4. Keyboards

    Simon finishes the mix by mixing various keyboard parts.