Printz Board “Hey You” Production Course
Printz Board “Hey You” Production Course

Printz Board “Hey You” Production Course


Printz Board: Inside “Hey You”

When you purchase the Printz Board VIProducer plugin, you automatically receive, FREE, the accompanying education course “Inside ‘Hey You.'” In this course, Printz Board of Black Eyed Peas will guide you through multiple lessons as he explains his creative process for writing and producing hit songs. Using his single “Hey You,” actual stem session tracks, and your Printz Board VIProducer plugin, you’ll get an inside look at Printz’s production methods, tricks, and secrets.

What’s Covered In This Course:

Printz will break down his production process and show you how to:

  • Start and build a song
  • Stack Instruments
  • Keep creativity flowing while working at a rapid pace
  • Keep track of file management across multiple sessions
  • Print software instruments to track
  • Approach mixing live instruments with digital instruments
  • “Make those drums KNOCK!”

Fire up your DAW, sit down with Printz, and take a look inside the process of a Grammy winning Artist/Writer/Producer!

Video Walkthroughs:

  • 1. Building Blocks/Sound Foundation

    An inside look at song foundation with Printz Board.
  • 2. Chorus Treatment

    Printz shows us the thought process behind building an anthemic chorus.
  • 3. Creating Tracks In ProTools

    A look at the way Printz creates tracks in ProTools to speed up his creative process.
  • 4. Using FX for Builds and Section Hightlights

    A look at Printz’s practice and theory for building up breaks and sections.
  • 5. Ending Chorus

    Explore using mutes to create changes between one chorus and another.
  • 6. Checking Record Path for Better File Management

    Learn a fast, effective method for making sure your files all stay in one place.
  • 7. Quantizing Midi

    Take a look at Printz’s own method for fixing timing issues.
  • 8. Printing Software Instruments

    Printz shows you how he prints his midi instruments, assuring maximum session file flexibility and portability.
  • 9. The Bridge

    Discover how just a few subtle changes can result in cool bridge ideas.