Joachim Garraud
Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud "Just The Beat Bro" Production Course


When you purchase the Joachim Garraud VIProducer Just The Bundle Volume 1, you automatically receive, FREE, the accompanying education course “Just The Beat Bro.”

In this course, Joachim Garraud will guide you through multiple lessons, as he explains his creative process for writing and producing hit songs.

Using his track “Just The Beat Bro,” actual stem session tracks, and your Just The Beat plugins, you’ll get an inside look at Joachim’s production methods, tricks and secrets.

What’s Covered In This Course:

Follow along with Joachim as he unveils his techniques and secrets on:

  • Building beats using Just The Bundle plugins
  • Add movement to your tracks with side-chaining
  • Creative use of white noise
  • The power of macros
  • Evolving loops with filter cutoff automation
  • How to get the most out of track without losing dynamics

Video Walkthroughs:

  • 1. GrooveFollow along with Joachim as he revels his techniques for creating grooves with his Just The Bundle plugins.
  • 2. Other TracksJoachim explores the other elements used in “Just The Beat Bro”, how to use side-chain and the secret to turning white noise into a useful effect.
  • 3. WompLearn Joachim’s macro technique to automate multiple plugin parameters.
  • 4. BreakJoachim discusses the breakdown section, his use of LFO’s and automation to design interesting synth parts.
  • 5. Vocal & GrainJoachim is a fan of twisting and manipulating sounds. Watch as he explains his use of pitch to change vocals and granular pitch-shifting to create interesting textures.
  • 6. MixingLearn how Joachim starts his mixes and uses auxiliary sends.
  • 7. MasteringGive your productions that instant lift with the use of Joachim’s mastering tips and tricks. In this chapter, Joachim explains the importance of A/B referencing.