Product Registration

To use your VIProducer plugins, you must first install the UVI Workstation if you don’t already have it on your system. It is a very powerful engine and can be downloaded at Once the UVI Workstation has been installed on your system, you can proceed to installing and authorizing your new plugins from VIProducer.


Step 1:

Once you have purchased your plugins, you will find your license code and a download link in the ‘View Orders’ section of your VIProducer account.


Step 2:

Step 2: To register your licenses you’ll need to have an iLok account. If you don’t already have one, register  at Next, enter your serial number and iLok ID on the Product Registration page.  and press Register.


Step 2b:

Open the iLok license manager (Download here if you haven’t already:!license-manager)  and under the ‘Available’ tab will be able to transfer your product licenses to up to three different machines or iLoks.


Step 3:

You can now download your plugins in the ‘View Downloads’ section of your VIProducer account. Save this file to your Desktop for ease.


Step 4:

The file will appear on your desktop as a .zip file. You need to double click on it to unzip it. Another file will then appear on your desktop with a .ufs extension.


Step 5:

This file needs to be copied to  UVISoundBanks. 

The default location for UVI soundbanks is:

– OS X: [system disk]/Library/Application Support/UVISoundBanks/
– Windows 32-bit: C://Program Files (x86)/UVISoundBanks/
– Windows 64-bit: C://Program Files/UVISoundBanks/

Your plugin is now installed and ready to be loaded from the Sound Banks section of the UVI Workstation.


You can also download these instructions in our VIProducer Plugin Installation .pdf