Producer Powered Learning

We believe that ANYONE with the right teachers, the right inspiration, and solid tools can create hit-worthy music. We want to help get you there, and we’re enlisting some of the biggest names in the production world to do it.

You already know that we source the sounds and instruments contained in our plugins from the producers themselves, so it may not surprise you to learn that we approach our VIProducer Courses with this same purist spirit and attention to detail. Our lessons come straight from the producer, starring the producer, in the producer’s own words. It’s like learning to paint with lessons from Salvador Dali, and we don’t mind saying we’re proud of both the results and the response. In theory it works. In practice, it’s even better.

What’s included in a VIProducer course?

We do not follow a “template” for developing our lesson content. Each producer is unique, so the lessons are approached based on which elements make the featured producer unique. These contain easy to understand walkthrough videos, audio examples and textbook style instructions via your desktop browser or mobile device.  These will allow you to:

  • Break down complete songs in your DAW with exclusive, original stem session files.
  • Rebuild songs from the ground up, playing the parts yourself with the actual sounds, loops and samples at your fingertips.
  • Follow along with our videos, audio clips and step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn tips and tricks for working in a more professional fashion.
  • Explore the production processes and procedures of track proven artists.
  • Find new ways of approaching musical compositions from start to finish.
  • Develop new ways of finding & provoking inspiration in your own projects.
  • Tips on streamlining your workflow.
  • The use of effects to create anticipation during builds or to highlight particular sections of your songs.
  • So many more…

Each course contains a number of lessons, many of which end with a quiz. Because what fun are lessons without quizzes? At the successful completion of each course, you’ll earn a printable Certificate of Completion. And bragging rights. It’s OK. Brag a little.

Whether you’re an instructor teaching a class, a music student, a developing artist, or a veteran producer/engineer looking for fresh ideas, VIProducer courses offer rare insight into the creative process that literally anyone creating music can benefit from. These are the unspoken tricks of the trade you never get to hear or read about, unless you happen to hang out in the studio with the masters of their craft. These are the “secrets.” And you know how we feel about secrets.