Midi Mafia

They’ve been the soundtrack to countless parties, clubs, car stereos and headphones. They have written and produced chart-topping songs for the likes of Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, 50 Cent and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. the grammy award winning producers/songwriters have generated millions of sales and online viewership and continue to evolve and reinvent Their brand. the content providers have extended their brand towards television, film and artist development via their Familyties Entertainment platform for upcoming talent. 

The #1 Billboard smash “21 Questions” by 50 Cent first put the name MIDI Mafia into the minds of music lovers worldwide. Followed by their Grammy nominated single “When I See U” by Fantasia and “Hold It Donʼt Drop It” by Jennifer Lopez, they quickly became A-list producers with over 20 million albums sold featuring their writing and production. Having both started their careers as performers, Canadian born Dirty Swift as a championship-winning DJ and Brooklyn native Bruce Waynne as a rapper, they are no strangers to the stage and had been developing a new sound inspired by hip hop but crossing boundaries and genres with no regards for labels or categories. 


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