Beat Maker

VIProducer’s Beat Maker is a virtual Drum Machine loaded with sounds straight from each producers personal sound library. With all the controls you’d expect from a modern drum machine, you’re guaranteed effortless creative inspiration.


  • Ready made kits created by each producer for fast production workflow
  • Up to 4 banks of 16 samples
  • 2 Pitch Modes – Turn samples into playable instruments
  • 12Bit vintage drum machine modes
  • 3 Band Eq per pad
  • On-board effects including analog drive, delay and UVI’s Spark Reverb
  • Easy 1 dial mastering  controls

Drum Shaper

At first glance, Drum Shaper offers up endless combinations of carefully selected, quality drum samples. Dig deeper and you’ll soon discover that Drum Shaper gives you the control to sculpt and layer sounds quickly and intuitively. The end result is powerful drums with the impact you need at the heart of your productions.


  • Create your own custom kits
  • Layer sounds with full editing control
  • Pitch, ADSR, 2 xFilters, 3 Band Eq per layer
  • Endless drum combinations
  • Note Repeat Keyswitching
  • Sample shift for phase alignment
  • On-board effects including analog drive, delay and UVI’s  Spark Reverb
  • Easy 1 dial Mastering controls

VIP Synth

VIP Synth is a flexible but totally customisable instrument delivered with a library of sounds, sourced and created by chart topping producers. Powered by Producers, these presets have been tried and tested on mainstream record releases. Bring new sounds and creativity to your workflow with VIP Synth.


  • Custom sounds created by world renewed producers
  • 4 layer engine including  Samples, 35 Wavetables and 6 oscillators.
  • Assingable LFO to Pitch, Drive, Filter and Volume
  • Assingable modwheel modulation
  • Fleixble rhythm design: Arpeggiator , Step Sequencer and Gate
  • 33 Filter Types
  • On-board effects including analog drive, delay and UVI’s  Spark Reverb
  • Mastering FX including 10 Band Eq, Stereo Width, Tape / Tube Exciter and Limiter